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Flooded Carpet  - Carpet Drying Services

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Water and flood damage occurs throughout the year.  Often the result of heavy rain or burst hot water cylinder.  We are lucky in Hobart that major storms are not a common event.  However if your carpet becomes water damaged you can rest assured the Lloyds Carpet Cleaning has the systems and equipment to dry your carpet in a timely and efficient manner.  Lloyds CarpetCleaning undertakes water damage restoration work throughout the year and only uses modern equipment and the latest systems to ensure the prompt drying of your valuable flooring.

Following thorough inspection water is extracted from the carpet and drying fans are installed to complete the drying process.  We will return during the drying process to monitor progress.  Carpet Drying will take a minimum of 2 days and up to 5 in some cases.  Following completion of drying, often the carpet is cleaned again to remove any water (cellulose browning) stains if required.

The most important aspect to successfully dry and restore carpet following water damage is acting quickly.  Mould will often occur and grow rapidly in the days following initial flood water damage given the right conditions, so prompt attention to all water damage greatly reduces the risk

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