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Our Business commenced 20 years ago cleaning Vacating Rentals  - we are Hobart's leading service provider  for a reason
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  Property Managers Throughout Hobart Refer US

     Owners and tenants recommend us

We have fixed price charges for empty residential units - refer service charges

We have the equipment, experience and highly trained staff to undertake all of your carpet cleaning needs

Our reputation as Hobarts leading carpet cleaning service provider is hard earned

We welcome any questions you have - just phone or email - we are here to help

We have 4 x truckmounted units servicing Hobart

Minimum Service Charge $140.00 + GST

 If your are vacating your rental property, professional carpet steam cleaning is usually a requirement of your lease.  You want your rental bond back along with a hassle free service.  Lloyds carpet cleaning is known by reputation as Hobart's leading service provider, setting the standards other service providers aspire to.  Our service charges are highly competitive, however our results are second to none, we fix other carpet cleaners poor workmanship - we recommend you ask your property manager for a referral for carpet cleaning - most will say Lloyds Carpet Cleaning.

If your carpet is not cleaned by a professional and recognized carpet cleaning business and presents poorly after cleaning,  your property manager will often request the carpet be cleaned again.  We receive these requests at least several times a week every week of the year, resulting in unnecessary additional expense for the tenant - there are several professional carpet cleaning businesses in Hobart - all have the one thing in common - all employ staff so they have the experience and specialist equipment to effectively clean vacating rentals.  We encourage  you to enquire with your property manager about our carpet cleaning services - you will find the majority recommend us as our services represent excellent value for money and our results are the best.   


Be careful with your money - many owner operator carpet cleaners are well intentioned but lack the experience and equipment to clean vacating rental properties.  We guarantee our services -many do not

Carpet cleaners are not Pest Control Technicians and Cannot undertake Pet Fumigation

Carpet MUST  be dry before Fumigation  Pest Control

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