Carpet Cleaning

There are several different methods used to clean both carpet and upholstery.  However there is only one method endorsed by all the major carpet mills.   Steam cleaning with a   

Truckmounted steam cleaning unit is the only method to provide the heat and power to thoroughly clean your carpet and upholstery.  We have invested in 4 of these units and have the best trained staff in the industry who provide service throughout Hobart and surrounds 6 days per week.

Other systems of cleaning carpet can be used, however all of these portable electric systems lack the ability to flush the soils and pollutants that are deeply embedded within your carpet and soft furnishings.  Portable systems rely on warm water from your hot water cylinder.  Engine powered truckmounts generate all our own heat and powerful suction

Upholstery Cleaning

We clean all types of fabric upholstery - from modular lounge suites through delicate hand crafted dining chairs.  With our powerful cleaning systems combined with highly trained staff, premium results and  prompt drying is assured.

Following completion of services we will leave your upholstery not only looking clean, it will also smell fresh and clean as our hot cleaning process will loosen the odours trapped within the fabric.

To enhance the clean and to protect your valuable upholstery enquire about the application of our imported  stain protector which can be applied following cleaning to maintain that clean appearance and to protect against most liquid spills.  This premium product will remain protecting your upholstery with normal use for years to come

Carpet Cleaning of Vacating Rental Properties

  Property Managers

    refer us - Owners and tenants recommend us

We have fixed price charges for empty residential units - refer service charges

 If your are vacating your rental property, professional carpet steam cleaning is usually a requirement of your lease.  You want your rental bond back along with a hassle free service.  Lloyds carpet cleaning is known by reputation as Hobart's leading service provider, setting the standards other service providers aspire to.  Our service charges are highly competitive, however our results are second to none.

If your carpet is not cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning business and presents poorly following completion of their service,  your property manager will often request the carpet be cleaned again.  We receive these requests on a weekly basis resulting in additional costs for tenant.  We encourage  you to enquire with your property manager about our services - very few will encourage that.   These inexperienced operators reputation might look impressive on social media, with glowing recommendations from family and friends however the reality is is often a different story - the results they achieve are poor in comparison to ours.  If you contact another service provider ask them, how many units do you have on the road, are you gst registered business, how many years has your business been in operation  etc  - many will avoid those questions

We service Hobart 6 days a week - have 4 service units and the best staff and equipment in the industry and our service charges represent excellent value and peace of mind.

If you have had a pet, often as part of your lease agreement when vacating you are required to have pet fumigation undertaken at the property - use a pest control company only.  Do not get mislead by a carpet cleaner offering a "flea treatment" spray  - more than often this is completely  wasted money - this internal quick spray service does not comply with nearly all rental agreements and often results in fumigation being undertaken by a reputable pest control company at your additional cost.  We have more information in our FAQ section

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