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Carpet Cleaning

There are several different methods used to clean both carpet and upholstery.  However there is only one method endorsed by all the major carpet mills.   Steam cleaning with a   

Truckmounted steam cleaning unit is the only method to provide the heat and power to thoroughly clean your carpet and upholstery.  We have invested in 4 of these units and have the best trained staff in the industry who provide service throughout Hobart and surrounds 6 days per week.

Other systems of cleaning carpet can be used, however all of these portable electric systems lack the ability to flush the soils and pollutants that are deeply embedded within your carpet and soft furnishings.  Portable systems rely on warm water from your hot water cylinder.  Engine powered truckmounts generate all our own heat and powerful suction

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is one of the most specialised services undertaken.  As a general rule if your rug was purchased from a retail chain store then the best and most economical method for professional cleaning is to schedule for Lloyds Carpet Cleaning to visit and clean the rug at your property - clean in the morning and the rug will be dry in most instances later in the afternoon

Rugs impacted by animal urine

To effectively remove animal urine from a rug,  your rug needs to be bathed and put through a full immersion cleaning process.  This process in some instances needs to be repeated several times and involves extensive time.  We take your rug away and return 10-14 days later.  If you require this service please call and we will arrange a time to come to your property and inspect the rug and discuss options.   This specialist service has a high cost associated  - a fixed per square metre cost of $75.00 + gst - this includes collection, clean and delivery.   If the rug does not have significant value or personal value then the cost of this service may exceed the value of rug

Upholstery Cleaning
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We clean all types of fabric upholstery - from modular lounge suites through delicate hand crafted dining chairs.  With our powerful cleaning systems combined with highly trained staff, premium results and  prompt drying is assured.

Following completion of services we will leave your upholstery not only looking clean, it will also smell fresh and clean as our hot cleaning process will loosen the odours trapped within the fabric.

To enhance the clean and to protect your valuable upholstery enquire about the application of our imported  stain protector which can be applied following cleaning to maintain that clean appearance and to protect against most liquid spills.  This premium product will remain protecting your upholstery with normal use for years to come